Achieving Scale with Reducing Costs

Scaling up traffic volumes by 5X or 10X is always daunting. Most advertisers see their cost per conversion go up as they scale their volumes.

SunHill® has helped a number of Clients, especially startups, scale up their conversions by 5X, 10X, 20X, and even 1000X, almost always with a reducing cost per conversion with increasing scale.

We can also do it for you. Our in-house tools and algorithms do the hard work while you enjoy the results.

SunHill's Expertise with Online Auctions

SunHill’s optimization algorithms use the fact that Adwords and other Ad platforms are a set of online auctions where multiple advertisers compete by way of bids. Our tools and algorithms have been developed by SunHill’s founder, who had authored papers on theory of online auctions in reputed journals/publications and authored patents on online auctions even before Adwords came into this world.

With his deep insight into the fundamentals of auctions, our tools are able to nail down the specific optimizations that can drive greatest benefit for our advertising clients.