Careers at SunHill®

Welcome to SunHill®. If you want to join a premium small entity with a start-up like approach, then you are at the right place!

We are very selective in projects we take up. >80% are startups / businesses run by IIT / IIM / similar founders. We always work directly with the top leadership.

Current Openings (Indicative)

1. Marketing Analyst / Sr Analyst (0 - 10 Years)
2. Sales & Business Development (2 - 5 Years)
3. Experts in any niche aspect of Digital Landscape (5+ Years of relevant exposure)

All positions are based at our office. We do not offer work from home now since 2022.


  • We do NOT offer internships. Last intern at SunHill was >5 years ago and the last one in Digital Marketing was in 2015.
  • Beware of any consultants claiming to schedule your interview with us. Anyone called for an interview to our office would receive an email directly from us.
  • We do NOT take any Walk-ins.

We believe that the peson's talents & strengths are more relevant to look at than specific job descriptions. Therefore we look for basic talents and core values - based on them the specific job profile that fits best can be carved out.

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SunHill® is an Online Advertising and Digital Marketing Company in Delhi, India. We provide high value consulting & planning guidance to clients for driving business growth. We also setup and manage online advertising campaigns. SunHill® is founded and run by Vipul Bansal, ex IIT Delhi and a Gold Medalist from IIM Ahmedabad and having 25+ years of experience in innovation, marketing and research.