Digital Expertise to Help Your Internal Teams

Digital Marketing & Advertising are highly specialized and complex. The rate of change is unprecedented. If your internal team is not able to keep pace, you are not alone. Get them the help they need..

SunHill® has come up with a set of consulting (advisory) services to fill this gap. Here are a few examples of what we do. We can also put together a customized offering for you where you can decide the agenda as you go along.

Digital Consulting Packages

Consulting Activities Undertaken

Digital Strategy & Planning

Goals, Channels, Budgets, Metrics & Reports

Campaign Diagnostics

How well are they doing? Top issues.

CPA / CPL / ROAS Optimization

Steps to improve ROI of Advertising Campaigns

Landing Page Optimization

Improve Conversion Rates & User Engagement

SEO and Content Guidance

Content strategy & messaging, SEO optimzation

Data Analysis & Business Insights

Insights from campaigns for business improvement

Lead to Sales Conversion

Lead management & nurturing, conversion rates

Attribution & Tracking

Attribution Models, Conversion Tracking

Digital Instrumentation

Google Analytics, Firebase, Conversion Funnels etc

Digital Technology & Tools

Guidance on technology tools & best practices.

Clients Served

Performance Delivered